Shopping and Shit

Posted in Biking, life, work by Siobhan on October 26, 2008

Well yesterday Cohen and I spent most of the day driving around the North Shore checking out full-face helmets for mt. biking. My dad is going to Borneo soon and is going to be gone for Christmas. He said that he would buy me a full-face helmet as a Christmas gift. I ended up getting one for about $120 which is a smokin’ good deal. We also drove by the housing co-op that we applied to over there. It looked really nice and is at the base of Mt. Seymour. Speaking of Seymour, I’d really like to go for a ride today, but Cohen is working and I don’t like to ride difficult trails alone. I think I’ll go downtown and go shopping again, this time for new work clothes. I got the activities coordinator position and I feel like I need some stuff that isn’t quite so formal. It weird that I”m spending the weekend shopping because I actually hate shopping and spending money. Being over in North Van yesterday was so nice, I really hope we get into that co-op and are living there by next April.


Gear Jammer

Posted in Biking by Siobhan on October 12, 2008

Cohen and I went for a mt. bike ride today. To be honest I keep expecting the season to be done. It’s too dark during the week to go for a ride and given the fact that it rains incessantly here I figured that it was all over. We rode up to gear jammer, which is quite a little grunt and then had blast coming down. It’s a super fast flowy trail. Near the end, we decided to exit via upper cut, which had an awesome A frame on it. I was able to just blow through it on account of Cohen standing there urging me to, “just go”. Overall it was a super fun ride- theĀ  kind of ride that makes you feel like a good rider.

Hiking and Biking

Posted in Biking, life by Siobhan on September 28, 2008

Cohen and I drove out to the town I was born in , Chilliwack, and went for a hike up a mountain called Elk. It was a gorgeous 3 hour hike that resulted in some awesome and awe inspiring views. I think more remarkable than the views from the top were some of the views in the forest. The weather was really changeable yesterday and at some points we were in the clouds. There was a moment when the sun was shining through the cloud and the trees creating a heavenly scene. The air was so moist that water was forming on the leaves as we watched and all of a sudden it all vanished. It was definitely worth the drive.

Today Cohen was off early and we headed out for a ride. It was an active weekend which was made up for by eating dairy queen and copious amounts of smoked cheddar and some crazy cookie thing that I’ll post a picture of later.

Typealice is designing a website for Cohen, which will hopefully generate some clients for him. I’ll link to the new site when it’s up and running. In the meantime here are some pictures (all taken by Cohen) from the hike.

Posted in Biking by Siobhan on September 16, 2008

I went and rode Gear Jammer after work yesterday. It’s a black diamond trail on Burnaby mountain. I personally think that it should be rated as a blue trail, as it wasn’t very challenging, but it sure was fun. Unfortunately, it takes way to long to long to drive to the places where I ride. Yesterday I rode for an hour and a half, but the whole thing took three hours due to the driving involved. In related news, Cohen and I went out to Deep Cove this weekend and really see it as a place we might like to live. It’s in North Vancouver which has some of the best riding in the world. Not only would we be closer to trails, but we’d also be closer to nature and a generally more peaceful environment. Cohen grew up in a small town and we’ve been considering relocating to a smaller centre in the future, but this seems like a compromise. It would take me 40 minutes by bus to get to work right now it takes me 40 minutes, but I walk. We’re shooting to move at the beginning of next year’s riding season (April or May). North Van also seems like to a nicer place to have children which is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.