Cleanse day 1 & 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Siobhan on January 4, 2009

Well Happy New Year great Christmas blah blah blah. I’m starting the year off feeling restless and trapped. This is is the longest Cohen and I have gone without traveling in a really long time. I’m currently working  as the activities coordinator, which is far more boring and less rewarding than teaching. Anyway, Cohen and I have decided to do The Cleanse (the master cleanse, the lemonade diet, whatever you want to call it) again. This is our second time doing the cleanse. The first time we time we only lasted 8 days. You are supposed to do it for 10 days. Day one was really bad for me because of my caffeine addiction. I had a headache so bad that I almost vomited. Today I feel a lot better. The only negative thing is how bored I have already felt lately, to take away food right now is really torturous. I hope that this will be a healthy way to start the new year. I also hope to start yoga again right away. I stopped before because the studio that I was going to closed. Also, I got a new tattoo, a very cute maneki neko, done by Cohen.


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