Posted in life by Siobhan on October 15, 2008

So I voted yesterday. The candidate that I voted for won in my riding, but her party didn’t do too well. I’m disappointed that so few Canadians took the time to vote. I guess it was the worst voter turn out in history. I’m disappointed that the Conservatives gained seats. I’m also torn about our electoral system. It baffles me that a party could get almost 7% of the popular vote and not get one seat; whereas, another party gets just less than 10% and get 50 seats. Canadians say that they are concerned about the environment, yet the Conservatives (the one party that has just said a giant fuck you to the environment) win. I suppose if the Liberals had a remotely likable candidate things might have been different. Anyway, I feel like I am just reiterating a conversation that most Canadians are having, so I’ll stop. Oh one more thought, who are all these people who voted Conservative because I don’t know a SINGLE person who did. I had more things that I wanted to write about and pictures I wanted to post, but I just realized that we have no pictures on our computer due to recently reformatting. Oh well there is always tomorrow.


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