Fun Shit

Posted in life, work by Siobhan on October 11, 2008

I always think of things that I’m going to write about here and then forget when I finally get around to updating. I did something this week that I never thought I’d do. I went to yoga. Not only was it yoga, it was hot yoga and I LOVED it. I went both Monday and Tuesday and hope to go again tomorrow and then hopefully get into a routine of 4-5 times a week. In case you don’t know, hot yoga is a form of hatha yoga done in a room heated to 40 degrees. I absolutely loved the intensity and difficulty that the heat added. I really want to keep active through the winter and hope that this is something that I stick with. In other news, I went ice-skating wit my school on Thursday after classes. It was a total blast. Most students had never been before and pretty much held onto the boards the whole time, but it felt great to be on skates. I was asked by my boss if I would be interested in taking over for our activities coordinator for three months while he’s away. At first I thought I’d like it, but after going on the activity on Thursday and talking with the current coordinator I don’t think I’d be suited to the job. It involves a lot of tedious tasks and it involves dealing with large numbers of ESL students in public. Further, I love my current hours. As I mentioned before, Cohen and I are looking to move to the North Shore. I sent away to a few Housing Coops to get application forms and I already received one back. I hope to fill everything out and get it back to them quickly. This would greatly reduce our housing charges and increase our space. Fingers crossed.


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