The Conservatives

Posted in life by Siobhan on October 2, 2008

Every day I walk 40 minutes to work and 40 minutes home. It’s such a part of my routine that I don’t even think about it. Usually about once a month I take the bus home because I’m exhausted or the weather is bad and I always regret doing it. The bus takes 30 minutes and it’s crowded and filled with people who smell like perfume, which I’m allergic to.  Anyway, today after I crossed the Cambie bridge into downtown,  I noticed a man standing on the corner approach a woman and say something to her. At first I didn’t think much of it because I was distracted by the big dirty homeless guy who was dancing around and yelling. As I got to the corner I had figured out what was going on. The guy in question was a political candidate who was out introducing himself to the public. I stood waiting for the light to change hoping that he wouldn’t talk to me when I heard, “sir, oops sorry I mean ma’am….” and then he proceeded to introduce himself as the the conservative candidate for the neighborhood (not my neighborhood anyway).  At the same time that this brief interaction was occurring, I realized that the homeless guys is not merely dancing around yelling about nothing, but is actually taunting the conservative guy. The light changes and I quickly walked away. As I walked across the street reading this asshole’s card’s pledge to make the streets “safer” the irony of the hole situation wasn’t lost on me. Anything But the Conservatives


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