Hiking and Biking

Posted in Biking, life by Siobhan on September 28, 2008

Cohen and I drove out to the town I was born in , Chilliwack, and went for a hike up a mountain called Elk. It was a gorgeous 3 hour hike that resulted in some awesome and awe inspiring views. I think more remarkable than the views from the top were some of the views in the forest. The weather was really changeable yesterday and at some points we were in the clouds. There was a moment when the sun was shining through the cloud and the trees creating a heavenly scene. The air was so moist that water was forming on the leaves as we watched and all of a sudden it all vanished. It was definitely worth the drive.

Today Cohen was off early and we headed out for a ride. It was an active weekend which was made up for by eating dairy queen and copious amounts of smoked cheddar and some crazy cookie thing that I’ll post a picture of later.

Typealice is designing a website for Cohen, which will hopefully generate some clients for him. I’ll link to the new site when it’s up and running. In the meantime here are some pictures (all taken by Cohen) from the hike.


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