Posted in life, tattoos by Siobhan on September 21, 2008

Well I guess no one is willing to say hi, oh well. My dad is here for a visit right now. He is currently down at the shop getting tattooed by Cohen. He is getting a surf flower and a wave on the back of his calf. I think it’s a great design. Cohen has been doing some really nice work lately and although I’m biased I think it’s save to say that it doesn’t look like apprentice work. Unfortunately it rained all day yesterday so we weren’t able to go riding. We did, however, go for an amazing walk in the Seymour forest. Seeing the rainforest in its natural state is such a treat. It made me realize that I don’t have to stay home on a rainy day, which is a good thing in Vancouver. The sky is turning blue and it’s making me wish that yesterday had been the tattoo day and today was a riding day.


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