Really steppin’ it up

Posted in life, work by Siobhan on September 11, 2008

Wow two posts in one day and to think nobody even knows about this blog yet. Blogging in secret is fun. Anyway, I just got back from an exciting adventure. I decided to go and have an americano at starbucks after a short nap (super stressful life, I know). Anyway, I grabbed one of the free papers and sat out front in the sun- sipping my americano, reading about local events, and being mildly annoyed my the sun that I had sought by sitting there in the first place. After about 3/4 of my drink I could handle the sun no longer and decided to stroll home in the much comforting shade. I learned to fear the sun during my time in Taiwan; at least I don’t carry an umbrella. After arriving home, I couldn’t find my keys. I usually can’t find my keys or other things of importance so I didn’t really panic. After searching a little more frantically, I started to get a little more freaked out. At that point, I realized that my purse had fallen off of the chair when I was sitting at starbucks and that my keys had likely fallen out. This means that my keys were either sitting on the middle of the sidewalk on Main St, which is super busy, or they had been picked up by someone who had then followed me home and planned to rob me later. I quickly walked back to starbucks (two blocks). As I approached, I noticed the same woman sitting at the table next to where I was, this was a good sign. As I got closer, I saw the reflection of my keys and my heart rate began to return to normal. Catastrophe averted. Did I mention that it costs $100 to replace my apartment key?

Now I’m listening to the new Metallica album and I think it sounds pretty good. Tickets go on sale for their December 2nd concert on Saturday at 10 am, I’ll definitely be hitting refresh until I get a good pair. As a side note, Cohen tattooed hakuna matata on some guy in Metallica letters recently. I guess you gotta do what comes to you when you’re an apprentice. Funny shit.

I just got an email from a student who wanted to send me some pictures from our graduation ceremony and say this:

“There are two things I have to tell you. One is you are really a good teacher. The other is you look like a typical beautiful doll. It is so true.”

I am really flattered and humoured. When it comes right down to it I have a really rewarding job.


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  1. JackieD said, on September 13, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    i found your secret blog!
    now post pictures of your cats, though i think you had them up on iam, i seem to remember some.

    but still, cat pictures are the best!

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